Food Court & Mall Operations

Key Challenges

Managing Large Number of Tenants

Computing Rental License Fee for Each Tenants

Managing Refunds Timely Refunds

Food Court you see in various shopping mall lease the space from the Landlord, and sub-lease it to the Tenant after renovating and provide management of the Food Court by providing facilities to the Tenants, and in return collect rent from the Tenant in the form of license Fee.

The customizable options offered in the system is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, bars, etc. Any kind of establishment can use this easily. It is also suitable for establishments which have a number of outlets supplied from a central kitchen.

Implemented Solution:


Key Features

Module build for organization who require a comprehensive module to management their rental billing based Fixed or Gross Turn Over

  • Creating Leasing Contract
  • Flexible setup of Leasing Terms by Tenant by Period
  • Flexible Setup of Additional Charges
  • Option to Integrate with POS to collect Sales Data
  • Generate Leasing Invoice based on Leasing Terms
  • Generate Refund Payment to Tenants
  • Seamlessly Integrate with NAV Account Receivable Module

The Perfect ERP Solutions For You

After consumers place their orders, POS will send orders accurately and instantly, straight from the table to the kitchen. All this information is captured in the ERP system (NAV). Our ERP system works according to restaurants operational style and business. Information about dish including nutritional and allergen data, can also be set up in back office and displayed live on all the POS terminals. Daily sales receipts and expenses are tracked and displayed in various reports.

The outlets enter their requisitions over the web portal which are then consolidated into a total requirement by the Production Planning process. Production Orders are then created for the various sections of the kitchen. Our system keeps track of inventory based on scheduled plans saving time and minimizing waste. It is powerful enough to identify shortages, identify items to discard based on expiry date. This can reduce inventory levels according to day’s production.

Our ERP system is highly customizable to fit your restaurant’s specific needs.

Leasing management software provides powerful accounting, inventory management and reporting to your web 24/7. A similar system can be used to manage not only real estate leases, but all of your equipment leases and other contractual obligations.

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